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What Millennials Want from Work: How to Maximize Engagement in Today's Workforce
Jennifer J. Deal and Alec Levenson
(McGraw-Hill Education, 2016)
Becoming Agile: How the SEAM Approach to Management Builds Adaptability
Christopher G. Worley, VĂ©ronique Zardet, Marc Bonnet, and Amandine Savall (Jossey-Bass, 2015)
Strategic Analytics: Advancing Strategy Execution and Organizational Effectiveness
Alec Levenson
(Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2015)

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Working Papers

Corporate Boards and HR
John Boudreau (CEO) and Ed Lawler (CEO)
October 2015
Making Talent Analytics and Reporting Into a Decision Science
John Boudreau (CEO) and Edward E. Lawler (CEO)
July 2015
Agility's Dirty Little Secret
Christopher G. Worley (CEO), Thomas Williams (PwC Strategy&), and Edward E. Lawler (CEO)
May 2015

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Built to Change
DVD featuring Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley. Based on the book Built to Change. Lawler and Worley highlight the major themes in their book with practical examples.

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Does HR's Grasp Match Its Reach? (video)
Editor David Shadovitz speaks with John Boudreau at the 2014 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas about the challenges that stand in the way of HR playing a more strategic role....
Accelerating Organizational Transition
Produced by Susan A. Mohrman & Serge Lashutka, 2001

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Research Monographs

What Do Employees Really Want? The Perception vs. The Reality
World Economic Forum Report, 2001
Creating a Strategic Human Resources Organization
Edward Lawler, III & Susan Mohrman, 2000
Strategies for the Knowledge Economy: From Rhetoric to Reality
World Economic Forum Report, 2000

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