Test Post Program

San Jose (hosted by Flex) Jan 17-19, 2018 (two days total: starts at noon on 1/17 and ends at 1pm on 1/19) with Alec Levenson… Read more »

How Companies Can Really Impact Service Quality

A new paper by Ben Schneider in People + Strategy. Abstract: Over time, my colleagues and I have developed, tested, and refined measures of a climate for service quality that can actually predict three years out company corporate market value (Tobin’s q), as well as performance on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. When improvements in service quality can deliver those types of returns, most senior executives want to know what really makes the difference.

Gayle Schueller

Vice President, New Platforms – Growth and Commercialization at 3M   Dr. Gayle Schueller is 3M’s Vice President of New Platforms for Growth & Commercialization.… Read more »