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  • Short Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Management

    Wayne F. Cascio, University of Colorado, Denver and John W. Boudreau, University of Southern California (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

  • Start-up People Competency Project and Initial Public Offerings / High Change Firm Research

    Through Theresa Welbourne's work with the University of Nebraska's Center for Entrepreneurship, she is kicking off several projects. The first is a project exploring the competencies of what we are calling "start-up people." These are individuals who can start their...

  • Most Effective Leadership Practices Competition

    The first year of the competition kicked off in 2012, and the winners were announced at the 2012 TLNT conference. We have about 100 people nominated; about half went through the nomination process. We collected data from the people affected...

  • Global Talent 2021

    This collaboration with Oxford Economics and Towers Watson seeks to understand the global labor market and the emerging friction points, through surveys of hundreds of leaders, deep analysis of economic statistics, and interviews. It combines both analysis of economic labor...

  • Effective Human Resource Management: A Global Analysis

    Edward E. Lawler III and John W. Boudreau (Stanford University Press, 2012)

  • The Future of HR and Effective Organizations

    John Boudreau and Ian Ziskin
    June, 2011

  • Driving Dialogue, Action and Results with Power Story Telling and Data Coaching

    This is the third year of teaching the data coaching public program. In addition, we have done several custom programs, and we also are running 1/2 day workshops on data coaching. In addition, our work includes data audits, which focus...

  • Annual Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Summit

    2016 Employee Resource Group Leadership Summit Information The first ERG Leadership Summit kicked off in 2012 with over 50 participants at the Mattel corporate headquarters in El Segundo, CA. By 2014, we tripled that number. The goal of this...

  • The Future of HR

    Resources for Consortium Participants The Future of HR initiative kicked off in early January 2011 at Sony Pictures Entertainment with a meeting of practitioners and faculty from the Center for Effective Organizations. This initiative began with a basic framework that...

  • "Get rid of job descriptions."

    Read CEO Director Ed Lawler and Senior Research Scientist Chris Worley's list of reasons why job descriptions hinder organizations and what they suggest companies do instead. Getting rid of job descriptions "fits a management approach that highlights agility by...

  • A Suggestion for Creating Effective Sustainable Organizations: Get Rid of Job Descriptions

    Edward E. Lawler III and Christopher G. Worley
    February, 2011

  • Boudreau, Lawler, Jamrog in SHRM's HR Magazine

    CEO's John Boudreau and Ed Lawler, along with Jay Jamrog, write in the February 2011 issue of HR Magazine about Shining Light on the HR Profession. In the article, they consider what the recession may have done to the status...

  • Positive Peer Pressure

    Theresa Welbourne, CEO Research Professor, writes in her column on the TLNT website about Creating a Culture of Accountability: It's All About Positive Peer PRessure. She says that "Leaders can provide clearly established goals to executives, managers and employees, but...

  • HR: Time for a Reset

    Edward E. Lawler III
    January, 2011

  • From e-HRM to Fast HRM

    Theresa Welbourne, CEO Research Professor, writes about the shift from e-HRM to Fast HRM in Workforce Solutions Review Online. Read the entire piece here.  ...

  • Fast HRM

    Fast HRM embodies a number of projects designed to help HRM speed up delivery of HR processes and tools. Given the high rate of change in the business environment today, managers are more apt to engage in using HR...

  • Peer-Based Global Learning and Benchmarking Through the Leadership Pulse

    This year eePulse added Mercer as a sponsor and partner to help build out the Leadership Pulse. The Leadership Pulse has been a useful tool for research and for providing data that allows CEO to provide value to sponsors...

  • Human Resource Management

    CEO is studying how the human resource function is changing. The Center's research particularly focuses on how the human resource function can align itself with the strategic plans of the organization so that HR is a business partner that aligns...

  • Workshop on E-HRM Features Welbourne

    Theresa Welbourne is the keynote speaker at the 3rd European Academic Workshop on Electronic Human Resource Management. The workshop will be held on May 20-21, 2010 in Bamberg, Germany and will focus on "Evidence-Based E-HRM - On the Way...

  • Fast HR

    Theresa M. Welbourne
    October, 2009