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Alec Levenson will be the keynote and Master Class Instructor at IQPC's Corporate Learning Summit, April 24

2:00 PM Using Big Data & Predictive Analytics to Improve Training Productivity
Improve analytical decision making, use analysis to lead change and make the right choices when deep analytics are not possible.

This master class will cover the performance model at the organization, group and role level, alignment between strategy and work design, which data to employ and how to analyze it, decision making, knowledge basis to tap for insights without doing new analysis, causal model building for testing and stakeholder engagement.

The overall objectives are to use a systems model to diagnose and set the stage for acting on your talent and team challenges, evaluate alignment of strategy and work design to make the business case for change, recognize situations where analytical decision making and deep-dive diagnostics can be applied effectively to improve organizational performance, set up analytics processes to monitor and act on organizational challenges.

Participants will learn from case studies and from applying systems diagnostics and models to challenges in their own organizations.

Upon returning to their organizations, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize situations where analytical decision making and deep-dive diagnostics can be applied effectively to improve organizational performance
  • Better apply analytics to increase data-based insights for decision making

Specific applications will focus on identifying the:

  • Source of productivity problems at the role and group levels
  • Factors at the heart of individual and organizational capability
  • Data needed for a work design ROI analysis

9:00 AM KEYNOTE: The Promise of Big Data for L&D: Old Wine and New Frontiers

In recent years, companies have been using advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into consumer choices, enabled by the collection of massive amounts of new data on consumer behavior. Now we are hearing that big data is coming to HR. This session will address what is relevant about big data for learning and development, separating the hype from reality and showing the way forward for getting actionable insights on effective learning interventions.

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