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Lawler on What Makes Effective Organizations

Ed Lawler was recently interviewed as a part of the Marshall Faculty Research series on what makes effective organizations. He spoke on what gives organizations a right to exist in our society as well as addressing issues of sustainability. See the entire interview here.

Ed spoke about the necessity of corporations to organize, manage, and change on a continuous basis while adapting to the environment rather than responding on an episodic basis. The rate of change continues to increase with media and the global scene, according to Ed. With respect to sustainability, he says that social and environmental performance need to be worked into the organizations DNA just as financial performance is. There needs to be a balance between doing good for the financial bottom-line and doing good for the social and environmental impacts.

"Are we going more and more toward a less capitalistic society that focuses only on financial rewards to a more comprehensvce definition of what corporations should be doing, what they should be held accountable for, and what performance is expected of them?" -Ed Lawler

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