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Maximizing the Insights from HR Metrics

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CEO Senior Research Scientist, Alec Levenson, will be speaking at the 9th HR Metrics Summit, February 26 - March 1, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Getting the deepest insight from HR metrics means asking the right questions. Starting analysis with the data at hand too often leads to dead ends and inconclusive results - unless the analysis is framed by questions that point the way to actionable insights. To get to actionable insights, HR needs to use systems diagnosis to create models of causality for individual and group behavior. These models are the foundation for better decision making:

  • For HR generalists who work directly with the business: Building individual and group behavior models enables better data-based decisions even when there is not enough time or resources for statistical analysis.
  • For HR specialists and analysts: The models serve as the foundation for statistical analysis and hypothesis testing.

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