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Special Webcast: Book Discussion - Effective Human Resource Management

Click here to view the March 11, 2013 Book Discussion webcast, featuring authors Edward E. Lawler III and John W. Boudreau as they discuss their new book, Effective Human Resource Management: A Global Analysis. The web cast is free to access with a free The Conference Board account with the Human Capital Exchange.

Based on a fifteen-year study, Effective Human Resource Management provides the first long-term analysis of its kind, focusing on Human Resource management in today's organizations. This book measures how Human Resource management is changing, paying particular attention to what creates a successful HR function, and identifying best practices in areas such as the design of the Human Resource organization and Human Resource metrics.

Audience: Human Capital professionals charged with strategic human resources, talent management, leadership development, strategic workforce planning, workforce readiness, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement or human capital analytics would benefit from this webcast.

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