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CEO is building a community of practitioners and academics to explore organizing approaches to achieve sustainability in the face of simultaneous complex and often seemingly conflicting economic, societal, and environmental challenges. We are focusing especially on complex problems that can best be solved through cross-functional, inter-organizational and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

There are two active projects in this area:
Sustainable Healthcare
Design for Sustainability

The Future of HR Consortium

This is a consortium of organizations exploring the future of HR, organizational effectiveness, and environmental dynamics. This project is focused on emerging dynamics that are often "white spaces" in the current perspective of the HR function, but in fact will define and shape its future. The objective is to define the leading edge and help organizations diagnose how prepared they are to address it.

Impact of New HR Information Systems on Organizations and HR

A tremendous surge in the adoption of new Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) technology is underway. Most new implementations are for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings such as Workday, Oracle Fusion, Success Factors, ADP, Halogen, and many others. There is virtually no academic research to guide design and implementation of such systems. CEO is beginning a major, multi-year, multi-company research program that will investigate the effects of the new HRIS on the organization and on HR, as well as factors that explain these effects. Gerry Ledford from CEO will lead this effort, working with Ed Lawler and Alec Levenson from CEO and an interdisciplinary team of USC faculty. For more information, see the project prospectus in either a brief overview or in detail.

Research Scientists' Speaking Engagements

Alec Levenson

John Boudreau

Ed Lawler and Gerry Ledford

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