Affiliated USC Faculty

USC Marshall School of Business

Paul Adler, Professor, Management & Organization
Strategic management, organization design, human resource management of R&D, engineering, manufacturing operations.

Arvind Bhambri, Professor, Management & Organization
Strategic change, strategy development, implementation

Tom Cummings, Chair and Professor, Management & Organization
Employee involvement, organization change and development, self-managing work teams, organization design

Ann Majchrzak, Professor, Information & Operations Management
Design and management of technology change

Kyle Mayer, Professor of Management and Organization
How firms govern relationships with other firms, with particular attention to the contract and its role in establishing a framework for the relationship, organization change

Morgan McCall, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Management & Organization
Executive selection, development and derailment, development of international executives

Ken Merchant, Professor, Accounting
Management accounting and control, management control systems, ethics, cost accounting

Kevin Murphy, Professor, Finance & Business Economics
Executive compensation, human resource management, value-based management, corporate finance

Jim O’Toole, Professor Emeritus
Values-based leadership, executive responsibility, organizational transparency and leadership, the future of work in America, organizational ethics

Nandini Rajagopalan, Professor, Management & Organization
CEO succession, compensation, top management teams, strategic change and decision making processes. Corporate governance in emerging economies Industry expertise: U.S. manufacturing industries; electric utilities Country expertise: India, China, U.S.

USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism

Janet Fulk, Professor, Communication
Management and communication effectiveness in organizations, interplay of organizational systems and communication technologies

Peter Monge, Professor, Communication
Global communication, information technology, organizational networks, impact of strategic alliances on work life and productivity