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The mission of CEO is to improve how organizations are managed.


CEO works with organizations to determine the connection between how they are managed and their performance.

CEO researchers conduct large-scale, multi-year, global research studies, as well as focused projects in organizations. Many of CEO's research projects involve a change effort. This ensures that our research yields practical, applicable knowledge that enables organizations to design and implement changes that improve their performance.

Among the topics CEO researches are: organization design, change management, human resources management, sustainability, and knowledge management. The results of our research are published in leading academic journals, books and practitioner publications.

CEO has identified the following three important areas as the focus of its future research.

CEO Research Areas



CGibson.jpg"CEO reminds us all that organizational scholarship should be grounded in the interests and needs of practicing managers and workers. The real value of research is in the applications."

-Cristina Gibson, Winthrop Professor of Management and Organisations at the University of Western Australia (left), with CEO Director Ed Lawler


as of June 12, 2012

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August 2, 2014
Academy of Management PTC Research Center Impact Award

November 6, 2008
National Academy of Human Resources Honored Organization