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Advanced Topics in Organization Design Workshop, June 2014

June 17-20, 2014
Los Angeles


This session is open only to individuals who have already attended one of CEO's Strategic Organization Design Workshops.

The Advanced Topics workshop entails pre-reading, a project requiring participant design case preparation, and peer and faculty consultation about company projects.


Download the flyer for this program and the entire Certificate in Organization Design program.


This program includes deeper exposure to the following topics:

Design Topics

  • The Global Organization
  • Designing for Innovation and Growth
  • The Knowledge Organization
  • Support Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Design Processes and Implementation

  • Organizational Design Processes / Frameworks
  • Implementation of New Designs

Participant Case Analyses and Peer Consulting



What Participants Say About the Workshop

  • "This has been a great seminar. There was no part of any day that wasn't a 5 rating and extremely interesting throughout."
  • "The Advanced Topics Organization Design Workshop anchored my learnings about organization design. Application of the fundamentals from the first session to a back-on-the-job case brings deeper understanding and skills."
  • "One-on-one coaching and feedback ensured I was supported at each step. Learning from peers in multiple industries helps you see the core of the work, and it also developed great relationships that endure to this day."
  • "The Advanced Topics Workshop pulled together the real-life application of skills to a business situation. Overall, one of my best professional development experiences ever."
  • "I truly enjoyed this seminar. It gave me a chance to examine the complexity and systems view of my organization."

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