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Becoming an Organizational Playmaker: Influence Skills for HR Leaders, March 2013

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Los Angeles
March 26-28, 2013

with Jay Conger (Center for Effective Organizations)

This seminar is for HR leaders who want to increase both the breadth and depth of their influence.

This is a hands-on program dedicated to making you a more influential leader. You will explore the full range of influence approaches at your disposal and discover your preferences and potential gaps. We will then deep dive into three skill areas that distinguish the 'difference makers' in any organization:

  1. relationship based persuasion
  2. compelling and memorable communications
  3. networking skills.


You will be asked to bring several important projects that demand these skills to ensure their success. We will apply in the seminar the tools and techniques you are learning to these personal initiatives.The learning format is engaging, immensely practical, and designed to send you back as a more influential you.

Jay Conger is one of the leading authorities on communications and influence for leaders. He has worked internally with over three hundred organizations and coached senior leaders the skills that you will be learning and honing in this seminar. He is an award winning teacher, and so you'll not only learn but be deeply engaged.

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