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Beyond Change Management: Accelerating Transformations and Building Agile Organizations, February 2015

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Los Angeles
February 10-12, 2015

with Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman
Guest Speakers: Betsey Strobl (Mondelez) and Mark Stimpson (Cambia)

Beyond change management...

Organization leaders know that their company's competitiveness and sustainable effectiveness depend on accelerated change implementation and agility.

Traditional linear change models no longer work in our complex, volatile, and uncertain world. Proactive learning, redesign, and rapid implementation must become core organizational capabilities that are supported by the organization's design and operation.

This seminar provides new frameworks and approaches to:

  • accelerate organization transitions
  • deal with the demands for ongoing transformation
  • implement agile organizations
  • build robust change capabilities

In this workshop, you will learn how to

  • Accelerate large-scale transformational change
  • Design high impact interventions in complex change situations
  • Build the capacity to continually change and adapt throughout the organization
  • Leverage culture, values, and identity
  • Build change into the core processes of your organization

Take-aways from this workshop

  • Frameworks, intervention approaches, and tools for dealing with complex changes
  • New understandings of the roles of those who lead and enable agile and ever-changing organizations
  • Case examples of organizations that have developed sophisticated change capabilities and agile designs
  • Diagnostic feedback on your organization's agility profile--and knowledge of design features that promote agility
  • CEO's research based findings on what works and what doesn't

Who Should Attend?

Line managers, organization development practitioners, and human resource professionals responsible for carrying out complex change in their organizations

Teams are encouraged to attend. We offer a 15% team discount for 3 or more who register at the same time. In addition, teams will have the opportunity to receive personal coaching from the CEO faculty.

The Faculty

Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman are known around the world for their research, teaching, and consulting in developing effective, high performance organizations that are able to change and adapt through time. Our most recent CEO book, The Agility Factor (Worley, Williams and Lawler, 2014), offers specific, research-based case studies to help organizational leaders use agility to achieve sustained profitability and performance while also becoming more adaptable to a changing marketplace.

Guest Speakers:

  • Betsey Strobl, Director of Culture and Engagement at Mondel─ôz International, will describe the complex change challenges of fundamentally changing the global design of this new company that was created when Kraft Foods split into two. She will share the change model and high impact interventions that have been applied when all functions and business units are changing in relationship to one another.
  • Mark Stimpson, Chief Human Resources Officer for Cambia Health Solutions. Mark will talk about Cambia's transformation to agility, how the organization built new capabilities to engage a new and challenging marketplace. Mark was responsible for leading the design team that increased awareness, tailored interventions, and drove learning.

Download the flyer here

Past Participants on the Course

"Excellent course! CEO always does a great job sharing various models/case studies and appreciating their value. While further advancing participants' thinking".
- workshop participant

"I can see that this is a great need for HR professionals, and it's not offered any other places currently."
- workshop participant

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