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Data-Driven Storytelling (formerly Data Coaching) Workshop, June 2013


Los Angeles
June 25-27, 2013


With Theresa Welbourne and Lacey Leone McLaughlin  


Data-Driven Storytellers help leaders use HR data to have highly interactive dialogues that lead to decisive action that fuels high-impact and measurable business results.

Why think about your HR data differently? We know from neurological research that the brain does not respond positively to numbers. Providing leaders and managers with more and more bar charts and pie charts, whether in dashboards, research reports or presentations, are unlikely to drive results because numbers do not lead to the emotional connection needed for people to take action. Action requires an emotional connection to the story in the data. Learning to tell stories with HR data or creating power stories - stories powered with data - is a goal of the Data-Driven Storytelling workshop. Data-Driven Storytelling skills are used to transform your HR data meetings from one-way conversations to highly interactive, action-focused sessions.

Data-Driven Storytelling is a skill that helps your organization shift to results. Participants learn to use strategic decision processes to analyze their HR data. Whether for an organization or a small team, participants learn to build custom metrics strategies to help the managers they support achieve their own personal business goals. Data-Driven Storytelling is not a quest for more data but a process focused on helping HR professionals use the HR data they have to drive interactive dialogues that lead to action and results.

Participants use tools and processes from the science of the narrative, blended with traditional data analytics, to learn how to coach managers to take action with their HR data. Data-Driven Storytelling will take your HR metrics to the next level.


  • Learn how to evaluate the HR data you have access to using a new tool called the measurement map.
  • Use mind mapping systems and processes to learn to think about your HR data differently. Rather than using only linear logic, we experiment and use new tools to find the story in HR data.
  • Blend story boarding with data analytics and go beyond your current HR data analysis systems.
  • Walk away with a deep understanding of the conditions under which data do or do not drive action.
  • Develop strategies to refine data and dialogue or to readjust which types of data are being used
  • Learn how optimal data strategies drive results.
  • Take back tools that are immediately applicable to your organization.

This program is focused on building skills. You will be given a pre-work assignment and will use a variety of tools to learn, practice, and build your Data-Driven Storytelling skills during the workshop. Participants will take part in team coaching and will actively practice the skills they learn with their peers in the program.

What do Participants Say About the Workshop?

  • I found the content very valuable and applicable to any position. Presenters are very knowledgeable. Enjoyed both presenters! - René Wilkins, Northrop Grumman
  • Loved the hands-on, case-study approach to the content ... - Terry Gray, Cargill
  • The program was good ...I benefited from course and have tools to take with me. - Denise Avink, Northrop Grumman

Want to learn more today?

Two webinars are available to provide you with more detail on Data-Driven Storytelling.

Can't make the public program? Learn about our custom data audit and Data-Driven Storytelling programs.

In addition to the public program, we offer customized on-site workshops for organizations that have teams of HR, communications, or organization development professionals interested in the content. The custom Data-Driven Storytelling programs are accompanied by the data audit process, which provides not only feedback on the HR data being used in the organization but also results in cases that are then used in the data coaching program. Thus, participants in custom programs work on their own HR data when going through the workshop.

Data-Driven Storytelling for Leaders

We also offer a Data-Driven Storytelling program designed for leaders who want coach the managers who work for them. The focus is on development of their own story telling skills and then helping managers learn to use their own data to tell stories that impact their own employees toward action and results.

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