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Employee Resource Group Leadership Summit, July 2014

From Employee Resource Groups to Business Resource Groups

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July 9-10, 2014

with Theresa Welbourne and Lacey Leone McLaughlin.


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CEO, in partnership with Mattel Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment, and DIRECTV presents The Employee Resource Group Leadership Summit 2014. This year's focus is From ERG's (Employee Resource Groups) to BRG's (Business Resource Groups). The event will be hosted by Mattel at the Mattel Leadership Development Center.

In the third annual ERG Summit, we will explore aligning Employee Resource Groups to the business. Our 2013 research found that ERGs are hot spots for driving business and began to explore various ways that organizations can tap into the energy in their ERGs and align that energy with different aspects of the business.

The 2014 Summit will include:

  • Data-Driven Learning throughout the year
  • Action research with data from all ERG members
  • Peer Mentoring and Social Networking
  • Ongoing action taking for success

Registration Information

  • If you are registering as a group, you will join the 2014 summit as a Learning Partner

    Non-CEO Sponsor Companies
    $6500.00 per organization

    CEO Sponsor Companies
    $5500.00 per organization

  • If you are registering as an individual

    Non-CEO Sponsor Companies
    $495 per individual (without team registration)

    CEO Sponsor Companies
    $425 per individual (without team registration)

Note: the $5500/$6500 fee is the organization cost and includes registration for up to 15 participants. As a learning partner, your organization will receive continued opportunities to further the development of your ERG's throughout the year. The group rate includes specialized data collection, surveys, reports for each participating ERG, conference costs, materials and webinars. To bring a larger team, please contact Quincy Wimbish ( or (213) 740-9814).


  • 2014 ERG Summit Report
  • Click here for access to the 2014 ERG Survey
  • Click here for a recording of the 2014 ERG webinar (March 4, 2014)
  • Click here for a recording of the ERGs and Innovation webinar (February 28, 2013)
  • Click here for Theresa Welbourne and Lacey Leone McLaughlin's latest article on Making the Business Case for Employee Resource Groups (May 2013)
  • Click here for the 2013 ERG Report
  • Click here for the 2012 ERG Report

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