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Talent Management: Creating Competitive Advantage

Los Angeles
September 15-16, 2009

With thought leaders Jay Conger, John Boudreau, Ed Lawler, and Brian Schipper (Cisco Systems) and Michael Markovits (IBM)

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Make sure your organization emerges from the turmoil of the global economy in a strong position!


In this seminar you will hear from senior talent management executives at Cisco and IBM, as well as CEO research scientists, on the latest trends in TM.

Talent management is facing unprecedented challenges. A deeply troubled global economy, generational changes, shifting talent dynamics in emerging markets, the rise in technology's role, and new workplace demands are reshaping how talent can and should be managed. At the same time, certain fundamentals remain more important than ever. Performing these fundamentals at a world-class level will ensure that your organization emerges from the turmoil in a strong leadership position.

This seminar will

  • Focus on how talent management can provide a competitive edge in your marketplace.
  • Look at how talent management can powerfully support the strategic goals of your organization.

Seminar participants will learn

  • How to deploy unique combinations of policies and practices that effectively build talent
  • Decision tools to improve how you make critical decisions about your organization's talent
  • How to design talent management approaches that foster greater commitment, engagement, and accountability
  • How to measure the impact of talent development practices
  • Frameworks for thinking about talent management architectures that provide true competitive advantage

Seminar Format

This seminar is designed around an integrative approach to talent architecture that is directly linked to organizational effectiveness and sustainable strategic success. It draws upon both organizational case studies and research studies and gives you the opportunity for hands-on, practice-oriented engagement with diagnostic tools.

Internationally recognized talent and leadership development thought leaders will guide you using

  • Group discussions and consulting sessions
  • Real-life experiences of seminar participants
  • Best practice case examples, frameworks, and tools that apply to your specific situation.

Who Should Attend

Talent Management is designed for those with responsibility for designing and leading an organization's talent management systems and programs.

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