September 2020 Strategic Organization Design Downloads (Links)

January 6, 2020

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Agenda and General Information

General Information

Bio Page Template Download

Our Virtual Strategic Organization Design Workshop from September 21-October 30, 2020 will be learning and applying a variety of design applications. Participants tell us that building a network of others interested in design is one of the biggest benefits from the class. To help you get to know each other, we are creating a “Bio Book” – a collection of brief bios from each participant, describing something about their work life and areas where they either want to grow or help others. We were introduced to this by a colleague and hope this will be a nice ice-breaker that helps people to see where they have opportunities to engage.

Click here or the link below to download your Bio Book template PowerPoint file. Please complete and send to Alice no later than 9/3/2020, this will allow time to compile the bio booklet. Thank you!

Bio Template (PowerPoint file)

Webinar: Organization Design: First Principles
February 26, 2020

Click here for the PowerPoint slides (in PDF format).

Purpose of the Webinar:

  • To understand your experience and expectations for the workshop.
  • To acquaint you with the Star Model in preparation for our upcoming workshop.
  • To prepare you so you can get the most out of the workshop.
  • To answer any questions you have regarding the prework, workshop, etc.
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