Annual Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Summit

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ERG_4The first ERG Leadership Summit kicked off in 2012 with over 50 participants at the Mattel corporate headquarters in El Segundo, CA. By 2014, we tripled that number. The goal of this summit is to develop ERG leaders by using a unique data-driven model. In 2012, we tested out the feasibility of getting ERG leaders from multiple organizations together to learn. We also tested out interest in a data-driven learning program. Both tests were deemed successful and the summit has been growing ever since.

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ERG panelWe have gathered incredibly useful research data for learning more about ERGs. Previously, there was very little research done on these groups. We are in the process of supplementing the data collected with interviews and additional performance data.

ERGs driving innovation: Our emphasis going forward is on ERGs as sources of innovation in organizations. This builds on the data we gathered and focuses the work in ways that we hope will add value to research and practice.


ERG leaders along with diversity and inclusion (D&I) professionals from organizations in all areas attend the two-day summit.

Who We Are

  • Research Partners: Corning and Mattel are the founding partners. Sponsors of the Summit have also included AT&T, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bank of America, Bayer Corporation, Blue Shield of California, DIRECTV, Novo Nordisk, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  • Research by: Theresa M. Welbourne


February 15, 2018 Webinar with Theresa

March 8, 2017 Webinar with Theresa and Wil Lewis

Presenting the ERG Impact Model

The Business Impact of ERGs: Learnings from the 2014 ERG Leadership Summit