Employee Resource Group (ERG) Research Program

CEO has been at the forefront in leading research since 2009 to learn more about ERGs in complex organizations and their business impact. Previously, there was very little research available and CEO’s goal is to develop ERG leaders through a data driven model plus bringing ERG leaders together to learn. CEO continues to supplement data collected with interviews and performance data to enable organizations and ERGs to thrive.

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Annual ERG Leadership Summit:

ERG’s at the Forefront of Including

What are ERGs doing to jump-­start the FUTURE of INCLUDING? Take action and join us to learn from experts in the field and your peers. The formal and informal learning leads to on-going improvement in the ways ERGs impact organizations.

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ERG Custom Programs

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ERG Research

ERG Practices Survey

The Center endeavors to expand the knowledge and learning on issues related to diversity, inclusion, and related topics.  We are a leader in the research and learning pertaining to employee resource groups (ERGs) through the annual ERG Leadership Summit and a large body of work conducted by CEO research scientist, Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne. Since 2012, Dr. Welbourne has run an annual ERG member benchmarking survey as well as an ERG company practices survey (completed by one person per company).

In order to be part of this new learning and benchmarking work, please take time to involve your organization. It’s easy to do, and all the information you need is accessible here:

View the ERG Practices Survey

ERG Member Survey

Click here to view the introduction to the 2019 ERG survey

  • View the Survey Communication Email you can send your ERG members here
  • View the 2019 ERG Member Survey here