Jay A. Conger

CEO Affiliated Research Scientist


Dr. Jay Conger is one of the world’s experts on leadership. You will see him quoted in the Wall Street Journal and other business periodicals analyzing people and trends in the executive suite and in the boardroom. He is a senior research scientist at the Center as well as the Henry Kravis Chaired Professor of Leadership Studies at Claremont McKenna College in Los Angeles.

Research Partners & Clients

As an executive educator, coach, and program designer, Dr. Conger has worked with over five hundred organizations in his twenty-five year career.

Professional Work

In recognition of his outstanding teaching skills and extensive work with companies, Business Week named him the best business school professor to teach leadership and one of the top five management education teachers worldwide. The Financial Times ranked him as one of the world’s top management educators.

Author of over one hundred articles and book chapters and fifteen books, he researches leadership, organizational change, boards of directors, and the training and development of leaders and managers. He is one of a handful of authors who have published multiple articles in the Harvard Business Review. His most recent books include The High Potential’s Advantage (2018), Boardroom Realities (2009), The Practice of Leadership (2007), Growing Your Company’s Leaders (2003), Shared Leadership (2002), Corporate Boards: New Strategies for Adding Value at the Top (2001), The Leader’s Change Handbook (1999), Building Leaders (1999), and Winning’Em Over: A New Model for Management in the Age of Persuasion (1998).

He has taught at the Harvard Business School, INSEAD (France), the London Business School, McGill University, and the University of Southern California. He has been awarded by the Center for Creative Leadership their prestigious H. Smith Richardson Fellowship for his research on leadership. His insights have been featured in Business Week, The Economist, The Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, The LA Times, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Training, The Wall Street Journal, and Working Woman.

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Recent Research

Mind the Gap: How Human Resources Can Become More Integral to the Corporate Boardroom Agenda

A chapter for the second edition of "The Handbook of Board Governance," authored by Jay A. Conger, Ph.D. and Edward E. Lawler III, Ph.D.

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The High Potentials Advantage: The Differentiating X Factors

In this webinar, Jay Conger will highlight findings from his newest book The High Potentials Advantage (co-authored with Allan Church) released in January 2018. He will discuss a set of key differentiators―the five “X factors”―that set high potential leaders apart across a broad range of companies and industries.

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The Rise and Fall of Talent Management: Time for Reinvention

Drawing upon research conducted with the Corporate Research Forum, Jay Conger will share the results of a global survey on the current state of talent management. This webinar explores the forces that have been eroding the efficacy of talent management innovations over the last several decades and proposes next steps to begin reinvigorating the field.

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Human Resource Management: The Role of Boards

Jay A. Conger (CEO and Claremont McKenna College) and Edward E. Lawler III (CEO) - Along with the intellectual and knowledge property they create, human capital has become the most important intangible asset that most corporations possess. Yet surprisingly little corporate boardroom time is spent on human capital issues.

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Influence and Persuasion Skills, 1/30/15

Jay Conger discussed the four primary fault lines in leadership. He presented opportunities to “shake-up” the current industry of leadership. Jay covered the cultural attributes and emerging needs in leadership as well as common derailers and transition demands.

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