HR – Make Some Noise!

Dave Millner I was talking to a CHRO recently and he was talking about the perception that people in their organisation had about HR.  He… Read more »

How impactful is your ERG? Here are 5 important themes most leaders are thinking about:

Research led by Dr. Theresa Welbourne, Steven Schlachter, and Skylar Rolf focused on the leaders of ERGs and identified 5 key themes of interest on the dynamics of these groups. Using semi-structured interview techniques with ten ERG leaders in three different organizations, Welbourne, Schlachter, and Rolf sought to shed light on ERGs from a leader’s perspective.

Trust me I’m your leader?

Darryl Stickel The Trust Coach, Vol. 5:  “Trust me, I’m your leader?” One of the primary differentiating factors between good and great leaders is the… Read more »