Custom Program: Revitalizing Your Organization’s Performance Management


Almost every company uses performance management, yet it is a source of perpetual frustration for executives, managers, and employees. It is criticized as time consuming, unpleasant, unfair, demotivating, and a poor fit for organizational needs. As new practices come and go, the problems and criticisms stay the same. Will hot new practices such as ratingless appraisal be any different?

Advantages of This Program

  • Perspective on what works that is informed by research
  • Practical focus on what will work in your organization
  • An evidence-based approach, including analytics for future improvements

Program Goal

The workshop will help your organization gain a breakthrough in consensus on goals, the design process, and a change roadmap. Your team will leave with clear direction and understanding of specific practices that will work in your organization.


We will work with you to tailor the workshop to your needs, progress to date, and preferences. A typical workshop entails 1.5 to 3 days of meetings, as well as pre-work and follow-up. We structure the workshop around adaptable modules that cover key topics in performance management design.

Program Modules

  • Goal priority and alignment with company needs
  • Understanding of your company’s needs
  • Design choices and options
  • Fostering effective manager behavior
  • Assessment plan

Our Point of View: Characteristics of Effective Performance Management

  • Design choices are based on the unique needs of the organization.
  • Solid diagnosis of what is and is not working, and assessment of whether changes have intended effects.
  • Executives address the single most important success factor:  the quality of performance conversations between managers and employees.


Gerry Ledford is Senior Research Scientist at CEO. He has deep experience with performance management as a consultant and researcher. He is the author of over 100 articles and ten books.

George Benson is Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington and Director of the UTA HR Management program. He previously was a researcher at ASTD in Alexandria, Virginia.

Gerry and George led the recent CEO study, supported by WorldatWork, of 244 organizations that use ratingless appraisal, ongoing performance feedback, and/or crowd-sourced feedback.

For more information, please click here for a downloadable PDF document or contact Lacey Leone McLaughlin, Director of Executive Education,, 310.849.7163.