Webinar: How Incubators Enable Business Model Change and New Ways of Working at Humana

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With Jeanna Kozak, Sue Mohrman, and Chris Worley

Incubators are a useful approach to achieve fundamental changes in business models and operating logics that characterize organizations in today’s digitally enabled, disrupted world. Done well, incubators can help the organization evolve whole new ways of functioning that will fundamentally transform the whole organization. But success is not guaranteed.  Even designing and implementing the incubator is fraught with difficulty in an organization populated by managers steeped in the existing way of doing things and unable to respond to the changes that need to be made, and from legacy systems and processes that are designed for control and efficiency rather than transformation and empowerment. Incubators are easy to describe, and much harder to successfully design and implement.In this webinar, Jeanna Kozak will describe the approach that has been taken by Humana, Inc, which is using an incubator to achieve fundamental change in its business model with a goal to: Co-create simple, personalized, and connected experiences so that providers and patients may engage and easily manage health holistically.  She will describe the incubator design and how it works with the business units to develop a digital platform and design and implement change in the way work is done in and across the organization. She will also describe the implementation strategy whereby Humana has focused on building on emergent changes, close collaboration with the businesses, changing core elements of the organization’s design, and creating momentum toward the new way of operating.  And, she will focus on the lessons learned and changes that have been made to continue to accelerate and enable the transformation.Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman will frame the conversation with a perspective on various approaches to incubating fundamental transformation, and in terms of how organizations are seeking to build in the agility to fundamentally transform themselves to be viable in a digital world.

Jeanna Kozak

Organizational Effectiveness Principal – Humana

Jeanna Kozak has always seemed to be wired for design and transformation of everything.  She has always been intrigued with, and been on the forefront of, the design of physical spaces and style, whether it’s her home or an office space; as well as design of organizations, teams and processes.  She began her career in technology and telecommunications, then moved on to consulting, building experience and appreciation for design and systems, while also establishing herself as a respected leader of large scale transformations.

Jeanna is currently an Organizational Effectiveness principal with Humana focused on enterprise-wide transformational initiatives for healthcare delivery, customer and health analytics, and strategic organizational design. She is known and appreciated for her ability to navigate blank spaces, to bring innovation and the outside in, and her love of wine and dogs.

Jeanna is tremendously grateful for home and family in Austin, TX and the privilege of having visited many places in the world while on global projects.