Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar

Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar is Vice President of Talent at Los Angeles-based Riot Games, where he focuses on care and cultivation of talent. At Riot, Jay and his team work to redefine what working for a game company means from hiring to performance management to benefits to compensation to development in order to attract and retain world-class talent. Jay loves statistics (fact: 100% of statisticians do), particularly when science can come together with the art of talent practices to make better people decisions.

Jay received his Ph.D. in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan and brings 15 years of experience leading human resources and talent management teams at Starbucks and the Gap, among other companies. But in the great tradition of Peggy Carter and Clark Kent, he has been secretly living a double life. While Jay is known to some for his HR craft, he’s known to others for his avid love of games, including six years of writing for Magicthegathering.com. (Okay, maybe not-so-secretly: Google his name and the search results are almost evenly split between the two!) He’s also a published fantasy writer and reader. Jay’s able to bring these many identities together at Riot.

In his spare time he is sporting some manner of superhero t-shirt and rocking team games of League of Legends with his family in the Riot PC Bang.