Webinar: Leading Innovation

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with Soren Kaplan , Jennifer Mueller, and Alec Levenson

In today’s disruptive world, every organization must adapt, transform, and innovate. So how do you drive the type of organizational transformation that shifts leadership behaviors and culture, resulting in a steady stream of ideas, from incremental to breakthrough? How do you create an environment that promotes freethinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable value creation at all levels across all functions of an organization?

In this webinar, two of the world’s leading experts on innovation and creativity, Soren Kaplan and Jennifer Mueller will share insights from their research and consulting with organizations.  CEO’s Alec Levenson will lead a lively discussion with Drs. Kaplan and Mueller on how to overcome the cultural barriers and leadership biases to breakthrough innovation.  Their conversation will address the levers that influence innovation transformation and culture, some of which are leadership behaviors, storytelling, innovation metrics, formal and informal rewards, talent development, supporting technology, and organizational structures and processes.