Performance Feedback Culture Drives Business Impact

Gerald E. Ledford, Jr. Ph.D. and Benjamin Schneider, Ph.D.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new report by Gerald E. Ledford, Jr. Ph.D. and Benjamin Schneider, Ph.D., Performance Feedback Culture Drives Business Impact. CEO and i4cp jointly sponsored the study.  

The study of 234 organizations shows that the key to performance management effectiveness is creating a performance feedback culture (PFC).  PFC creates the necessary environment that determines whether managers feel compelled to deliver high-quality performance feedback to employees. 

Key findings:

  1. Performance feedback culture has strong effects on organizational financial performance and other positive consequences.
  2. Performance feedback culture has significantly stronger effects on performance management effectiveness than performance management techniques, which have been the overwhelming focus of research and practice for decades.
  3. Performance management effectiveness for employee-oriented outcomes (such as employee development, employee motivation, and employee retention) has an extremely strong effect on organization financial returns.