Performance Improvement Network (PIN)

CEO launched a new initiative to bring mid-sized companies together for best practice sharing and action learning with our world-leading researchers on how to improve strategic performance. The diagnostic and design decisions addressed by participating companies uses a systems approach that addresses multiple parts of the organization design and people aspects of the business.

The future of organizational design, work, leadership, and HR is rapidly changing and mid-sized company leaders are under pressure to improve performance with limited resources. Participating in the Performance Improvement Network (PIN) will help you get the insight you need to thrive in the current environment and the knowledge you need to know what’s coming.

PIN brings together a select group of mid-size company senior leaders to solve critical growth and performance challenges. The unique collaborative design of six real-time,working sessions, coupled with engaging and transformational dialog, serves as a platform for each PIN member to improve their company’s success.


  • Businesses focus too much on continuous learning and incremental performance improvement
  • Too little focus on organizational system alignment and big gaps in strategy execution
  • Suboptimal solutions waste resources, disengage employees, and hurt competitive advantage


  • Break the mold of siloed decision making around strategy execution
  • Integrated business analytics and human capital analytics
  • Systems diagnostics to prioritize competing business objectives, improve team performance, and maximize ROI of talent decisions


  • Uncover organizational challenges and apply strategic insights in real-time
  • Develop new organizational capabilities to respond to digital change and evolving competitive conditions
  • Leverage design and systems thinking for deeper diagnosis and problem solving
  • Start or build upon a solution to your company’s challenge


Memphis June 12, 2018

Boston November 29, 2018

San Diego January 30, 2019

Informational Flyer

Performance Improvement Network (PIN) Informational Flyer

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For more information or inquiries about the Performance Improvement Network, please email Alec Levenson