Certificate in Human Capital and Effective Organizations

The Human Capital and Effective Organizations certificate program is designed to develop the next generation of human resource leaders: those responsible for establishing deep and specific connections between their business strategies and their human and organization capital.

PJ“The HCEO program offers the opportunity to learn and debate with renowned faculty and talented colleagues. Throughout the program, participants are invited to bring their organizational issues to some of the best thought leaders in our field to explore alternative ways of thinking while leveraging the experiences of colleagues. Each workshop proved invaluable to my toolkit.”

-Paulette Jacobson

sue bio pic[1]Read the transcript of Sue McNab’s speech at the 2013 HCEO Graduation Ceremony.




Downloadable Application and Program Information


The HCEO Certificate Program offers an integrated curriculum that develops the following five key competencies necessary to form strategic partnerships and to lead in today’s changing business environment:

  • Organization Design
  • Future of Work/HR
  • Change Implementation
  • Talent Management and Leadership Development
  • Measurement and Analysis of Organization and Human Capital

Course Requirements

To earn the HCEO Certificate, candidates must complete a five-course integrated curriculum:

  • 1 required course: Strategic Organization Design
  • 4 electives selected from among all other Center offerings

This rigorous curriculum provides both breadth and depth in the skills required for the new organization effectiveness focus. It is recommended that courses be completed within eighteen months, although candidates may take up to three years.  Detailed course descriptions are available.

Coaching, Community and Practice

Beyond the five courses, coaching and a community of practice anchor the certificate curriculum to the candidate’s work life. Working collaboratively with CEO, candidates customize the program to fit their career aspirations as well as their organization’s needs. At each seminar, certificate candidates participate in special candidate-only sessions designed to build community, as well as to integrate and apply seminar information to their organization experiences. Candidates have access to CEO’s electronic publications and to faculty (via phone or e-mail) to share experiences and discuss work-place applications.

CEO has long bridged the corporate and academic worlds, informing both with sound research and lasting relationships, and fostering a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to creating effective organizations. To earn the HCEO certificate is to become part of our community.

As a program participant, you will:

  • Work with acclaimed faculty to apply proven frameworks that integrate business strategy, HR strategy, talent strategy, and organization design
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of core principles, models, and techniques of organization design
  • Receive one-on-one coaching as you work through your organization’s design issues
  • Learn a well-developed change implementation process, tailored to the complex transitions facing today’s organizations
  • Receive one-on-one talent segmentation coaching that directly tackles your strategic issues
  • Learn how to design, implement, and enhance HR measurement
  • Learn how to design and implement a world-class leadership development system
  • Learn how to design and implement a world-class talent management system
  • Customize the curriculum to fit your career aspirations
  • Gain access to CEO Faculty between sessions
  • Join a global community of high-potential HR leaders

Who Should Apply

This program is designed for executives and high-potential professionals preparing for a strategic role in their organizations. It is valuable for HR executives as well as general managers, corporate planners, and other functional executives with at least 7-10 years experience and an interest in strategic human capital management and organizational effectiveness. Individuals and teams involved in refocusing and redesigning their organization will find this certificate program invaluable.


Candidates benefit from being taught by CEO’s internationally recognized researchers who provide a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in the areas of organizational effectiveness and design, HR strategic excellence, leadership, talent management, and measurement and analytics. Faculty members stimulate participants’ thinking with relevant company cases and best practices drawn from extensive research work with organizations. Participants can apply these learnings to their own work environment.

Program Fees

The cost of the entire program depends on which seminars you attend. The price can vary from $15,400 to $19,500 if you are with a sponsor company or from $19,100 to $23,800 if you are not affiliated with a sponsor company.

This includes the price of five (5) seminars and the additional Certificate fee of $2,500 (sponsor) and $3,000 (non-sponsor) – this Certificate fee covers additional administrative costs, specific Certificate-only sessions, and ongoing consultative sessions. The seminars can be taken individually as well as part of the Certificate.

The prices are subject to change each calendar year. Click to access the list of the current programs, which includes current prices.

For More Information

To find out more about the HCEO Certificate program, please contact Lisa Heidrich, or call CEO at (213) 740-9814.

Kim-Graham-500-thumb-100x137-7761“As a result of participating in this program, I now look at business issues through a broader lens and am able to provide a more strategic value to the company in order to drive enhanced business capabilities. ”
– HCEO graduate Kim Graham, VP Human Resources, Mattel (left) receiving her HCEO certificate, May 2009