2010 Webinar Schedule

Please note that webinars are scheduled to take place from 9 – 10 am Pacific Time (Los Angeles) unless otherwise noted.

Audio files and PDFs of the slide decks will be posted here after the webinar has occurred.

January 27
Data Coaching
Theresa Welbourne

February 8
The Necessary Art of Constructive Persuasion: How HR Can be Heard
Ed Lawler

February 25
Organization and Talent Strategies for the Next Millennium
Alec Levenson

March 1
The Necessary Art of Constructive Persuasion: How HR Can be Heard
Ed Lawler, John Boudreau and Jay Conger.

April 9
Designing the Enterprise Organization
Jay Galbraith

April 19
Can HR Evolve Faster? What’s in Its Way? – and How to Remove It
John Boudreau

May 20
HCEO Sponsor Meeting Debrief
Ed Lawler

June 21
John Boudreau will discuss his newly published book, Retooling HR: Using Proven Business Tools to Make Better Decisions About Talent
John Boudreau

July 16
HCEO-Only Webinar with Professor George Benson
George Benson

September 28
Agility and Performance: Practical Results from a Long-Term Investigation
Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman

October 4
Achieving Excellence in HR
Ed Lawler and John Boudreau

October 19
Fast HRM and Leadership Confidence: Update and Learning from the Field
Theresa Welbourne (CEO) and Bill Cushard (Knowland Group)

October 27
Data Coaching: A Cure for HR Data Analysis Paralysis?
Theresa Welbourne(CEO) and Denise Avink (Northrop Grumman)

November 9
HCEO-Only Webinar with Theresa Welbourne
Theresa Welbourne

December 9
HR Function of the Future
John Boudreau