2016 Webinar Schedule

Join us for one or more of our upcoming 2016 webinars!

Please note that all webinars are scheduled to take place from 9-10 am Pacific Time unless otherwise noted.

Recordings and PDFs of the presentations will be posted after the webinar has occurred at the links below.

Many of these webinars are open to the public. All are at no cost to the participant.

February 8
Corporate Stewardship
Ed Lawler & Sue Mohrman

February 29
How HR Supports Organization Agility
Sue Mohrman & Chris Worley

March 22
Analytics for Driving High Performance
Alec Levenson

April 19
Cutting-Edge Performance Management: A Study of 244 Companies
Gerry Ledford & Ed Lawler

April 26
Weaving Change Capability into the Fabric of the Organization
Chris Worley & Sue Mohrman

June 2
Data Driven Storytelling
Theresa Welbourne

August 2
The HR Emerging Executive
Ian Ziskin

August 24
Winning the Service Game
Ben Schneider

September 6
Strategic Partnership with Impact
John Boudreau

October 6
Presenting the ERG Impact Model
Theresa Welbourne

October 21
Workforce Engagement: Why It Matters, What It is, and What Drives It
Ben Schneider

October 28
The Rise and Fall of Talent Management
Jay Conger

December 14
How to Create a Culture of Innovation
Jay Conger


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