2017 Webinar Schedule

Join us for one or more of our upcoming 2017 webinars!

Please note that all webinars are scheduled to take place from 9-10 am Pacific Time unless otherwise noted.

Recordings and PDFs of the presentations will be posted after the webinar has occurred at the links below.

Many of these webinars are open to the public. All are at no cost to the participant.

January 10 (Tuesday) 8-9 am PST
Organization Design Capabilities: What Organizations Need to be Agile in Today’s Increasingly Turbulent World
Sue Mohrman & Chris Worley

February 7 (Tuesday) 9-10 am PST
Performance Feedback Culture: The Key to Performance Management Effectiveness?
Gerry Ledford, George Benson, and Ben Schneider

March 8 (Wednesday) 9-10 am PST
Overcoming challenges facing BRGs in global, complex organizations: A Conversation with Wil Lewis
Theresa Welbourne & Wil Lewis (Bank of America)

March 15 (Wednesday) 9-10 am PST
Analytics for Driving High Performance
Alec Levenson & Alexis Fink (Intel)

March 28 (Tuesday) 9-10 am PST
How to Measure, Reward, and Foster a Culture of Innovation
Soren Kaplan

April 6 (Thursday) 9-10 am PST
Driving Storytelling and Action Through Data
Theresa Welbourne

June 27 (Tuesday) 9-10 am PST
The Future of HR
John Boudreau & Ravin Jesuthasan (Willis Towers Watson)

August 1 (Tuesday) 9-10 am PST
Pivotal Work: Talent Strategy for Fast-Changing Times
John Boudreau

November 15 (Wednesday) 9-10 am PST
Analytics and Design for High Performance
Alec Levenson and Alexis A. Fink

December 4 (Monday) 1-2 pm PST
How to Create a Culture of Innovation
Soren Kaplan

December 11 (Monday) 9-10 am PST
Designing Organizations for the Digital World
Sue Mohrman, Chris Worley, and Stu Winby


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