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CEO is dedicated to partnering with companies to research and develop practical, useable knowledge. It is focused on those issues of organization design and effectiveness that help HR practitioners lead their organizations to be strategic business partners and to use HR to advance their companies’ performance.

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Corporate sponsors receive a variety of benefits–innovative research findings, discussions with leading research scientists, online materials and information, priority access, and reduced fees for research and education.

  • Discover valuable research learnings on critical, strategic HR business issues
  • Benefit from the current thinking on issues facing your organization
  • Engage with leading research scientists through sponsor-only teleconferences and webinars to discuss current business challenges
  • Utilize our searchable publication series
  • Receive significant discounts on executive education programs and research project work
  • Receive a complimentary copy of our new books and materials.

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Corporate Sponsor Network

The CEO sponsor network is a group of over 50 leading corporations. They represent a cross-section of organizations that have a global presence. Sponsors benefit from this network of companies who contribute to the on-going research of CEO, share best practice information, and discuss critical business issues facing their business.

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