Sponsor Benefits

Corporate sponsors of the Center for Effective Organizations receive a variety of benefits–discover, online, CEO’s latest research learnings on critical business issues; utilize our searchable publication series; receive significant discounts on research project work and executive education programs; make use of opportunities for discussion with leading research scientists through our sponsor-only teleconferences and webinars; and receive complimentary books and materials.

List of Benefits

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Priority access to advice and research findings from leading researchers

  • Obtain the latest thinking on critical business issues facing your company
  • Converse with Center research scientists, who are leading experts in the areas we research, via teleconferences and webinars
  • Gain exposure to practical knowledge, frameworks, models, and leading-edge research findings, and learn how to apply them to today’s business environment
  • Receive speaker recommendations for company meetings; receive recommendations for company contacts that are facing issues similar to yours
  • Research scientists can be contacted independently for requests to do consulting work, or to give an external presentation

Research Projects

We are committed to creating and disseminating new and useful knowledge to business and academic communities. As part of the University of Southern California, the Center’s work must be in the public domain and must have an educational or research focus. Our research findings are published in the leading business or academic literature. Corporate research partners can remain anonymous in order to maintain company confidentiality.

  • receive significantly reduced project rates on all research work done in conjunction with CEO
  • additional ten percent (10%) discount applied to already significantly reduced research project rates for work conducted by the Center.
  • Receive first priority in obtaining the Center’s help with sponsor company initiated research
  • Opportunity to participate in Center originated research projects

Executive Education

CEO is widely recognized for its outstanding executive education programs in human resources management, including a Business Week ranking as one of the top three university programs. The Center’s research over the last 30 years forms the foundation for these programs. CEO offers 7 interactive seminars/workshops and 2 certificate programs.

Seminars and workshops are based on current research learnings that translate into practical models and frameworks that are applicable in today’s business environment.

CEO offers two certificate programs.

Special Interest Group Meetings

Industry leaders, CEO research scientists, and other leading experts gather to collaborate and explore research issues and findings that are of emerging importance.

  • One recent example is the working conference on Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability, held in partnership with the USC Center for Sustainable Cities. The conference was designed to build collaborative networks to share knowledge and help define the research agenda on important topics that advance thinking and practice in this area.

Teleconferences and Webinars (complimentary)

  • Opportunity to hear Center researchers discussing recent research work and findings and how they are applicable to your organization
  • Complimentary, quarterly teleconferences are available to sponsors only
  • Unlimited number of sponsor company members may participate

CEO Publications (complimentary)

  • Working Papers Series – CEO has an extensive, searchable, online resource that provides more than 550 downloadable working papers and research reports published by the Center. Download PDFs of the latest working papers from your organization’s page with the use of your company password.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of new books published by Center research scientists. Additional copies are available for purchase through the Center (significant discounts are available for volume purchases).
  • Receive a complimentary copy of Center video productions

Sponsors’ Meeting

  • CEO hosts a two-day meeting that is designed to develop a network of sponsors and researchers who are involved in new approaches to managing corporations
  • The meeting is framed around current issues and initiatives that many of our sponsors are addressing and brings together, for discussion, recent CEO research findings and sponsor company practices that focus on these issues
  • two attendees per sponsor company are invited to attend (more attendees can be accommodated upon request)



For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact Lisa Heidrich at Lisa.Heidrich@marshall.usc.edu, or call 213-740-9814.