Webinar: Adapting to Disruption: Frameworks and Lessons from the Field

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with Sue Mohrman, Chris Worley and Beth Gunderson

Continuous discontinuous change is the new normal in most industries. In the “old” days, organizations could implement change in a serial and linear fashion. Important changes were sequenced and treated like projects with a beginning, middle, and end. Today, technological, competitive, regulatory, socio-political, and customer disruptions are happening more frequently and often simultaneously. To gain needed agility, even the way organizations change must change. The old methods of change management are inadequate to the task, yet many companies are stuck with outmoded change models and not knowing how best to connect changing and operating the business.

In this webinar, Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman from USC’s Center for Effective Organizations and Beth Gunderson, Senior Director of Organization Capabilities at General Mills, will present field based learning and new frameworks for continual transformation. General Mills, like all processed foods companies, has been exposed to severe industry disruption. Beth will discuss approaches they have taken through the lens of the new models and frameworks that are needed to routinely respond to disruption.

The webinar content will be further developed in our upcoming workshop on Adapting to Disruption (formerly Beyond Change), March 6-8, 2018 in San Francisco, CA (hosted by McKesson Corporation).  Click here for more detailed information about the program and to register!