Webinar: Agility and Performance: Practical Results from a Long-Term Investigation, 9/28/2010

Agility and Performance: Practical Results from a Long-Term Investigation

Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman held an an exclusive sponsors-only webinar on September 28, 2010 .

For the past five years, CEO has been engaged in one of the most comprehensive studies regarding the role of agility in organizations. Based on the book Built to Change by Ed Lawler and Chris Worley and on Sue Mohrman’s research on capability building, important and practical findings are beginning to emerge.

Agility, like customer-centric and other organization designs, is not a particular structure or leadership competence, but an overall approach that is a constellation of practices and principles.

In this webinar, several applications of this research were presented, and Chris discussed how organizations such as Gap, Inc., Edison International, Northrop Grumman, and Cisco are driving sustained levels of performance using agile designs. The importance of robust strategies, flexible structures, and change capabilities were also be described.

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