Webinar: Beyond Change Management: From Traditional Phase Models to More Robust Models of Transformation Amidst Chaos

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Click here for audio from the February 7 webinar

Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman highlighted the characteristics of more advanced models of continuous change and transformation suitable in today’s complex and dynamic environments. They noted that many organizations faced with overlapping cycles of changes that may or may not be nicely integrated in a neat and tidy model and that cannot be fully aligned, and also that an organization’s resilience is based on creating and preserving diversity in talent, strategies, and systems.

The model they proposed is based on work with companies going through change where it is not possible to fully implement one change before others are required and is based on work with many companies experiencing relentlessly changing contexts and strategies.

They proposed that ongoing transformation consists of many very loosely coupled activities, and that the challenge of managing in such an environment is to define packets of change, find ways to govern the portfolio of changes that are happening, create rich networks that allow connections and coordination at all levels in the organization, and that promote self-organization deep into the organization.