Webinar: Data-Driven Storytelling, 4/22/14, recording/slides

Click here for the slides from the April 22 webinar

Click here for the recording of the April 22 webinar

with Theresa Welbourne (Research Professor, CEO), and special guest, Katie Metcalf (HR Data Analyst Manager, Microsoft)

Data-Driven Storytellers help leaders use HR data to have highly interactive dialogues that lead to decisive action that fuels high-impact and measurable business results.

Data-Driven Storytelling is a skill that helps your organization shift to results. It is not a quest for more data but a process focused on helping HR professionals use the HR data they have to drive interactive dialogues that lead to action and results.

Katie will share her root cause analysis work and her story about training HR professionals using some of the tools from Theresa’s Data-Driven Storytelling Seminar. Katie was approached by a client group to lead a session to enhance their data-storytelling muscle around the People Scorecard used in the business. The client group consists of 15 HR Managers (HR Business Partners) with varying degrees of ‘data comfort.’