Webinar: Data-Driven Storytelling, 5/13/13

Webinar: Data-Driven Storytelling, 5/23/13, Recording/Slides

Click here for a PDF of the May 23 webinar slides

with Theresa Welbourne (Research Professor, CEO) and Lacey Leone McLaughlin (Director of Executive Education, CEO)

Data-Driven Storytellers help leaders use HR data to have highly interactive dialogues that lead to decisive action that fuels high-impact and measurable business results.

Why think about your HR data differently? We know from neurological research that the brain does not respond positively to numbers. Providing leaders and managers with more and more bar charts and pie charts, whether in dashboards, research reports or presentations, are unlikely to drive results because numbers do not lead to the emotional connection needed for people to take action. Action requires an emotional connection to the story in the data. Learning to tell stories with HR data or creating power stories – stories powered with data – will transform your HR data meetings from one-way conversations to highly interactive, action-focused sessions.

Data-Driven Storytelling is a skill that helps your organization shift to results. It is not a quest for more data but a process focused on helping HR professionals use the HR data they have to drive interactive dialogues that lead to action and results.