Webinar: Designing Organizations for the Digital World

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with Sue Mohrman, Chris Worley, and Stu Winby

Organizations are assuming new forms as the onslaught of advancing cybernetic technology and powerful digital platforms is shaping, constraining, and integrating the way we work and live. Adapt old organizational design paradigms such as hierarchy and self-containment in a world of cross-cutting networks and dynamic reconfigurability will lead eventually to obsolescence. Organizations with new business models and dynamic designs will be far better equipped to succeed in today’s world.

In this webinar, Stu Winby, President, Spring Networks, will join CEO Research Scientists Sue Mohrman and Chris Worley to discuss and give examples of the fundamentally changed organization designs that are emerging. They will talk about the implications for the ongoing design process capabilities that are imperative in today’s turbulent world where technology advances are dragging companies toward a new way of operating.

They will share the frameworks generated in a two-day Design Lab, “Designing Organizations for the Future” that involved 30 inter-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and multi-company experts, including organization designers, business leaders, technology developers, ethicists, ethnographers, futurists, strategists and experts in innovation. The diverse participants reached broad consensus about the major design features of organizations that will thrive in the digital world, and generated a framework for the organization design process.

Join us, and be among the first to hear these results. A little preview: Executives, managers, employees, designers, and strategists will all have to learn to function in eco-systems that are rapidly reconfiguring, and where almost every element of organizations is temporary.

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