Webinar: Digital Work Transformation

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with Alec Levenson

Everyone is talking about how AI, machine learning and digital technologies are transforming business and the nature of work. Yet there is little clarity around how to make sense of the difference between digital product transformation versus digital work transformation, and the implications for what capabilities the organization needs to build at the job, team and business process levels.

In this session Alec Levenson will present a new framework for differentiating:

  • Job automation and work reconfiguration as ongoing processes, regardless the rate of technological change,
  • Technology that changes the way work is organized internally in an evolutionary way, and
  • Technology that changes the way work is organized internally in a revolutionary way.

Using the lens of technology as a control versus learning mechanism, Alec will provide insights that will help leaders prioritize investments and change management resources to assist employees displaced by technology change, and to improve the speed of organizational adjustment in a VUCA world. 


Alec Levenson

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Levenson’s research focuses on the economics of human resources and organization design; HR and human capital metrics, analytics, and return on investment; and global and emerging market talent strategies.