Webinar: HR Analytics – Turning Survey Data into Action, 12/04/13, Recording/Slides

Click here for a PDF of the December 04 webinar slides


with Alec Levenson

It is easier than ever to access and analyze HR and employee data. Low cost survey technology, enterprise-wide HRIS systems, and a consulting industry eager to help offer the promise of increased information that can drive better data-based decision making. Yet despite these advances, many common practices today fall short of the mark in providing the most relevant, actionable insights that can make a difference in improved talent outcomes and bottom line performance.

In this session, Alec Levenson will review a number of common data and survey practices in use today and discuss alternatives that can lead to deeper insights, including:


  • Using broad, company-wide surveys that span very different parts of the business and very different roles and employee populations vs. more targeted measurements
  • Using target thresholds for survey scores to improve employee engagement and talent management vs. multivariate analysis
  • Deciding when a difference is meaningful and worth acting on vs. being statistically significant