Webinar: Organization Design Capabilities: What Organizations Need to be Agile in Today’s Increasingly Turbulent World

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with Sue Mohrman and Chris Worley

The rate of restructuring, redesigning, and reorganizing continues to increase. Given today’s geo-political uncertainty, the need for ongoing redesign is likely to accelerate. Technological changes, changes in strategy, globalization, social changes, competitor moves, and changes in the C-suite represent just a few of the triggers that can spark the need for re-design. However, most organizations see design as “structure” and too many executives bring in consulting firms to help “move the boxes ” or “reduce levels and increase spans.” The increasing frequency of redesign to support requisite organizational agility calls into question the traditional logic of continuously renting expensive resources, critical knowledge, and an extra pair of hands. Instead, many organizations are opting to view organization design as a capability that needs to be built.

During this webinar, Sue Mohrman and Chris Worley provide an overview of organization design, describe its importance, and make the business case for an internal design capability. They have been working with companies in Aerospace/Defense, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Fast-moving Consumer Goods, and High Technology to create such a capability. They will describe the general process and requirements for success and the challenges these organizations have faced.