Webinar: Performance Feedback Culture: The Key to Performance Management Effectiveness?

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with Gerry Ledford, George Benson, and Ben Schneider

This webinar takes a strong point of view about what is needed to fix performance management. We argue that the vast majority of management attention, and the vast majority of academic research, have focused in the wrong places. Performance feedback has been all about technique: the rating scale, the frequency of feedback, the number of raters, the rating form, etc. In many respects, this is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Better feedback techniques have positive, but limited, effects on performance.

The performance feedback culture of the organization determines whether managers feel compelled to provide high quality feedback to subordinates. We argue that performance feedback culture is the key to better performance management. Companies with a strong performance feedback culture can succeed even if their performance management techniques are primitive. Conversely, the most sophisticated process will fail if it does not create a solid performance dialogue between managers and employees; managers will take the easy way out and avoid hard conversations. We discuss how companies can create a strong, effective performance feedback culture that works for all.

The webinar will conclude by outlining a major CEO research project on performance feedback culture that addresses these issues.