Webinar: The Business Impact of ERGs: Learnings from the 2014 ERG Leadership Summit, December 9, 2014, Recording/Slides

Click here for slides from the December 9 webinar

December 9, 2014
9:00am – 10:00am (PT)

with Theresa Welbourne (CEO), Alan K. Nevel (Thermo Fisher Scientific), and Heather Hoefer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

In this webinar, Dr. Welbourne reviewed learning from the 2014 ERG Leadership Survey. With responses from ERG members in 21 companies, we created a new ERG Impact Model and explored ways in which ERGs both directly and indirectly impact business outcomes. Results show that although ERG members are positive about the support they are getting within their firms and the work they are doing, measurable impact seems to be a more challenging goal. Results from the study, along with examples from participating companies, were reviewed in this webinar. As a result, participants can go back to their own firms and explore the dimensions of the Impact Model, which should help set 2015 goals for ERGs leaders, Diversity and Inclusion executives, and leadership teams overall.

This webinar included a case study with Thermo Fisher Scientific and unique data on:


  • Direct and indirect innovation
  • Impact on ERGs, ERG members, and other employees
  • Energy and other attributes associated with engaging as an ERG leader
  • How small firms enjoy positive impacts of ERGs, without creating a lot of ERGs
  • Why more firms are leveraging ERGs now