Webinar: The New Frontier of Analytics: Going Beyond Data and ROI, December 2, 2014

Click here for a pdf of the slides from the December 2 webinar

with Alec Levenson (Senior Research Scientist, CEO)

HR and human capital analytics in organizations today are providing more and more insights into patterns of employee behavior and talent management that previously seemed “hidden” in data that hadn’t been fully analyzed. Yet the growing number of data-based facts that are emerging about what takes place in organizations falls short of what is needed to maximize strategy execution and organization effectiveness.

At the same time, HR continues to push for evidence of bottom line impact through financial measures such as ROI. Unfortunately, ROI and similar measures of improved cash flow often are a distraction from the measurements of improved organizational capability and competitive advantage that enable success in the marketplace.

In this webinar, Alec Levenson will present a comprehensive approach to conducting enterprise and human capital analytics in an integrated way to maximize both organizational capability and bottom line impact. A specific application will address evaluating human capital investment, critiquing both ROI and the Kirkpatrick models of training evaluation.