Webinar: Weaving Change Capability into the Fabric of the Organization

Click here for a PDF of the slides from the webinar

with Chris Worley, Sue Mohrman, and special guest Becky Spears, Oracle

Organizations are in the midst of fundamental shifts in how they are managed and designed. They are being forced to compete in an environment full of moving pieces, activist stakeholders, and volatile marketplaces. This has been true for decades and the challenge is only accelerating.  Surveys with CEO’s suggest that despite the fancy and expensive change management frameworks that guide major transformations, executives continue to say that managing change is their biggest challenge.

The only possible conclusion is that:

Change can’t be managed: It can only be embraced. 

Organizations continue to struggle with change mostly because they are built for stability. This webinar is about building an organization that can embrace change. Instead of managing change, organizations must make change happen, quickly and well.

Chris Worley and Sue Mohrman, Senior Research Scientists at the Center for Effective Organizations, presented a research-based framework to embed a change capability into your organization, including the critical role of culture and identity and how organizations can continually learn rather than just talk about it.

Becky Spears shared how the OD consulting group at Oracle has been experimenting with various approaches to helping business leadership teams determine what organization agility means for them, how it is similar and different from “change management,” and how it permeates the entire OD stack from strategy to team.

  • What can you do to build change capability into your organization?
  • What are the key features of a continuously changing organization?
  • How can your organization become agile?