Webinar: Why and How Employee Resource Groups Work

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with Theresa Welbourne and Courtney Michener Miller (AstraZeneca)

Why and How Employee Resource Groups Work – Learning from Data and Practice

Theresa will share information from the latest ERG survey work. In addition she will do a deep dive into emerging themes focused on how ERGs are making a positive difference for employees, their communities and organizations.  Explore the challenges and be part of the evolving discussion.

Join us for the full program in August!

Theresa Welbourne

Affiliated Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations

Dr. Welbourne’s work focuses on human capital and leadership strategies that drive growth, innovation and high performance. She is known for her work on employee energy and how energy, direction and confidence come together to stimulate and sustain high sense of urgency cultures and organizational growth.

Theresa runs a large project focused on employee resource groups (ERGs) and how these programs are helping advance diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as overall firm performance, innovation and growth. The work consists of research, best practice studies, an annual Summit and training for ERG leaders.

Courtney Michener Miller (AstraZeneca)

Enterprise Learning Infrastructure Lead, AstraZeneca

Courtney is a global learning and development leader, passionate about shaping and driving learning strategy linked to organizational strategic priorities. She is keen to learn any area of the business with the goal to increase organizational effectiveness, transform technology ecosystems, re-imagine leadership development and embrace digital disruption. At present, Courtney is the Enterprise Learning Infrastructure Lead at AstraZeneca, leading a learning transformation effort to shape a culture of lifelong learning through a reimagined learning technology ecosystem.

With over 15 years of experience spanning the education sector and corporate worlds, learning, development and technology have been woven into every thread. She enjoys finding entrepreneurial opportunity in ambiguity and setting courses of action for maximum business impact.  Courtney serves as co-lead of the Network of Women (NOW) at AstraZeneca, one of many ERGs in place to support the inclusion and diversity culture at AZ.

She holds a Master’s of Education from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Penn State University.  She’s Mom to four fantastic kids that remind her each day how important it is to keep learning in the flow of life.