Lynn Casey

CEO / Founder
Shine Scout, Inc.

Lynn Casey is a highly sought after thought leader, brand builder and futurist helping industry leading organizations make the biggest leaps possible. Lynn is known for her unique ability to spot patterns and connect the dots of emerging sociocultural, digital, economic, and behavioral trends and translate those into actionable strategies. Previously, an award-winning marketing executive at Paramount Pictures, Lynn has shifted her focus to the heartbeats behind the data points driving change. Her unique ability to unpack authentic human stories and use these for connection and creation has earned her renown as a channel for innovation.

Lynn has traveled the world to work with and guide companies as diverse as Mattel, Activision, Facebook, Instagram, Citibank, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, and StockX. This past year, Lynn has keynoted Future Trends and Leadership conferences in Abu Dhabi, Oslo, Prague, San Francisco, and New York, shining a light on critical shifts in post-pandemic behavior and desire and pulling forward a new hunger for belonging. Her work has led to rebrands, rebuilds, and regeneration for major household brands, as well as creating bold new thinking and energy for employee teams at YouTube, Shiseido,, Dannon, Target, and more. Recently, she has led teams of executives from Fortune 100 companies into the field for embedded ethnographic work, creating new paths of understanding. Current projects include building a youth-helmed portal for a major retail brand, deep rescaping and regeneration of a legacy non-profit institution, as well as mentoring young leaders for a number of institutions.

A sought-after master coach, lecturer, and author, Lynn is currently based in Los Angeles, (with a generous sprinkling of New York) where she helms her trend and consumer insights consultancy, Shine Scout, Inc.

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