CEO Certificate Programs

USC Marshall CEO certificate programs offer participants insights and expertise gained from 40+ years of CEO’s leading-edge research. Corporate best practices and real-life experiences from company presenters are featured in the programs’ curriculum. Program instructors are recognized global thought leaders in the areas of organizational effectiveness and design, HR strategic excellence, leadership, talent management, employee resource groups, and measurement and analytics.

    Employee Resource Group (ERG)

    Strategic Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Certificate

    As you advance through your journey as an ERG leader, the ERG leadership certificate can help you not only during your time as an ERG leader, but also strengthen your skills for future, non-ERG leadership roles. The ERG Certificate program will help move you ahead on your journey from where you are now, to your next role.


    Certificate in Human Capital and Effective Organizations

    The Certificate in Human Capital and Effective Organizations (HCEO) is an excellent complement to more traditional HR executive development. Participants gain knowledge and expertise on five key competencies that are often overlooked, yet vital for those moving into strategic positions. The rigorous and integrated curriculum prepares high-potential professionals to take leadership roles in their organizations.

    Organization Design

    Certificate in Organization Design

    Organization design is a critical organizational capability in today’s dynamic global economy. The Organization Design Certificate Program offers participants a deep understanding of this important competency, as well as opportunities for application of design models, tools, and processes in their organizations. One-on-one coaching and peer consulting foster a community of business leaders while providing breadth and depth in the skills required to address design challenges at all levels of the organization.

    Organization Design

    Advanced Certificate in Organization Design

    A deeper exploration of the application of design topics, processes, and analyses. Continuing upon the learnings and work completed in the Strategic Organization Design and Activation workshops, participants learn from faculty consultation through one-on-one coaching while working through a real design challenge within their organization. Participants are required to attend virtual coaching sessions with faculty, prepare a detailed design case, and present, via online webinar, among peers of the strategic organization design community.

    Financial Aid?

    CEO does not offer any financial aid for its programs. However, you may be able to find external financial aid to help you with your courses. This private loan program is available for executive and continuing education programs. This is not an exhaustive list; CEO does not specifically endorse any financial aid program.