CEO Workshops

Executive Education Programs

CEO educational programs are based on groundbreaking research that contributes innovative and relevant knowledge to the field of organizational effectiveness. Workshops offered yearly include:

Global ERG Summit

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are playing an increasingly valuable role in organizations as they directly address the growing social needs of businesses which leads to higher employee satisfaction. By creating affinity groups around identity, interest, or other shared traits, companies actively encourage deeper involvement by the workforce, which has not only a positive impact on culture, but also strategy and performance. 

We can all take action today to include everyone in growing our people and organizations.

Participants learn from faculty, experts in the field, and peers. The formal and informal learning leads to on-going improvement in the ways ERGs impact their businesses.

2022 Global ERG Summit:
Sept 19-23, 2022

Strategic Organization Design

The ability to design organizations that are efficient enough to drive performance and flexible enough to sustain advantage is a fundamental capability in today’s dynamic and competitive environment. Dynamic strategies call for new organizational forms that pose complex new design challenges at all levels and in all sub-systems of the organization. 

This workshop focuses on the design challenges of an increasingly digital economy where work, change and design issues are merging.

Strategic Organization Design:
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Nov 1518, 2022

People Analytics and Change Masterclass

The field of People Analytics is at a crossroads. The number of tools and sophisticated applications keeps increasing, more and more organizations are building dedicated analytics groups, everyone in HR knows the importance of data and analysis when making talent decisions … yet organizations still struggle to put analytics at the center of human capital decision making and organizational change.

This masterclass provides tools and frameworks to overcome the current challenges facing People Analytics. 

People Analytics and Change Masterclass:
An Online Event
Feb 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, & 23 (2022)


Advanced Topics in Organization Design

Our Advanced Topics in Organization Design Workshop is a practicum-based course in which participants receive coaching while working through a real design challenge, and learn from each other as the projects are shared and discussed during the workshop. Participants who attend both workshops and successfully complete a design project receive a Certificate in Organization Design. The organization design program has attracted an international group of companies from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

2022 Workshop to be Announced


The Future of HR: What’s Next?

This dynamic and interactive Thought Leaders Exchange brings together CHROs, leaders of HR and workforce strategy, and their direct reports to meet the future head-on. This session is intended to be a free flow of information and sharing, so come prepared to share your story and learn from CEO Research Scientists and your peers.

2022 Workshop to be Announced

Optimizing the Operating Model

The Optimizing the Operating Model Workshop provides solutions to diagnosing the barriers to improved organizational performance with analytics, systems diagnostics and design thinking.
Specific applications to digital work transformation and digital product transformation will be featured.

Optimizing the Operating Model Beyond COVID-19: An Online Event
Nov 2, 4, 8, 10, 15, 18, 30 & Dec 2 (2022)