Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Certificate Program

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Certificate Program


Certificate in Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership

ERG Leadership to Business Leadership

As you advance through your journey as an ERG leader, the ERG leadership certificate can help you not only during your time as an ERG leader, but also strengthen your skills for future, non-ERG leadership roles.  The ERG Certificate program will help move you ahead on your journey from where you are now, to your next role.

How the ERG Certificate Works

While you learn, you accumulate points toward earning the certificate.  This unique program offers participants several ways to accumulate the points needed to earn the certificate.  Many of the methodologies are focused on work that will not only help expand your own learning, but also will build the knowledge base of your membership.

You will:

  • Customize your curriculum and learning
  • Get an immediate return on investment (ROI) from the certificate program
  • Solve some of your organization’s issues
  • Create and share learning materials that are usable with your ERG members and multiple ERG leaders NOW and in the future

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Program Details


Certificate Requirements

The ERG Leadership Certificate is designed to be completed within a time frame of 1 year. Candidates must complete the 30-credit curriculum and also must attend the entirety of the ERG Leadership Summit, participate in research, complete a case-study, assignments, and evaluations.

Program Cost*

Non-sponsors: $6,500

Sponsors: $5,000

*does not include cost of ERG Leadership Summit

Webinar: Learn more about the program.

Benefits of the ERG Leadership Certificate

  • Experientially-based, guided learning
  • Gain practical, applicable skills, and knowledge
  • Develop working relationships with a cohort of peers and mentors who help guide your ERG journey
  • Learn through a combination of required and elective learning events
  • Take away best practices from other ERG leaders based on live case study work
  • Share experiential work based on your own company needs
  • Gather insights, learnings, and skills that develop and strengthen your abilities in your current position
  • Develop a solid grounding as you move ahead to future leadership positions

A total of 30 credits are required; 15 credits must be from the required activities; 15 credits must be from the elective activities

Questions about the ERG Leadership Certificate?

For any questions or concerns, please contact Jennifer Sparks at sparksj@marshall.usc.edu  or call 213-740-9814

Required Activities

ERG Leadership Summit (5 credits)

  • Innovation challenge—part of the ERG Summit
  • Attend ERG Summit sessions and write a reflection paper
  • Interview ERG Summit speakers or other participants about a key question you want to explore
  • Attend a webinar after the ERG Summit; review and share key lessons learned

ERG Case Study Report (5 credits)

Write a case study usable by future ERG leaders—with guidance and collaboration from program faculty

ERG Data-Driven Learning and Coaching

(5 credits)

  • Participate in the ERG Leadership Pulse for one year

     — 4 pulse surveys conducted with you and your ERG members

     — 4 coaching sessions:  one after each survey

     — Develop action plans associated with each survey—with guidance from program faculty

Focused work on developing return on investment (ROI) strategies and accounting

Elective Activities

ERG Webinar (5 credits)

Prepare and share your case study with the larger ERG community, with guidance from program faculty

ERG 101 (2.5 credits)

ERG leader orientation for new ERG leaders

Present at the ERG Summit (5 credits)

Present at the ERG Summit and earn double the credits (10 total)

 Business Plan (5 credits)

Develop a business plan for your ERG

New Major Project (5 credits)

Plan the implementation of a new major project for your ERG

 E-learning (2.5 – 5 credits)

Participate in a partner qualified e-learning program; Contact us for more information.

Watch the ERG Leadership Summit Video

“It was a great opportunity to connect with other ERG Leaders and talk about the issues that we had and the challenges we can overcome to create a more inclusive environment…” 

Pablo Montera

Partnership Associate, Twitch

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Our award-winning research scientists, affiliates and  practitioners help companies drive performance by providing leading-edge research, practical tools, and a wealth of experience.